Vision use only the highest quality products and are fully qualified in the advising, recommendation and application of all systems detailed below.

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Interior Plastering

Internal plastering is a great way to finish your home walls. We use a variety of plasters to give a super-smooth flat finish. We can apply straight on to old plaster or new plaster board. Plastering can be great solution to covering up dated, textured, or rough finishes such as Artex. Newly plastered walls are typically painted, and Vision use only the best materials to make sure this is done correctly and to the highest finish.

Internal Wall Insulation

This can be a quick, simple and affordable solution to warming up a room, or stopping those cold and damp wall spots. Vision specialise all elements of installing stud, plasterboard and insulation. For walls that need to breath, Vision can advise, recommend and instal specific systems. These include mineral wool insulation.

Painting and Decoration

After plastering, Vision are fully qualified to paint and decorate your newly finished walls. We use the highest quality materials and systems, silicone based or breathable mineral paints, to suit whichever plaster has been applied. We specialise in the highest quality finishes.